Full Day Private Event - Weekend or Weekday

During the weekdays we are closed to the public,  but will open for full day private events only.

Please read the requirements and pricing below


  • Weekend full day private events are from 9am to 3pm
  • Weekday full private events last 4.5 hours. (Start time must be either 10am, 11am, or 12pm. Start time availability will vary based on the time of year.)
  • Group players must use field paintballs only (no outside paintballs allowed).


Requirements for full day private event

  • Weekend or Weekday
  • No discounts or coupons allowed
  • 18 rental players minimum
  • A one time event fee of $150 for cost of your private staff and set up
  • Booked a minimum of 7-10 days in advance
  • Must be booked by an adult 18 yrs or older w/a major credit card


Individual Player Cost in Groups

(Rental for each player includes: admission, paintball gun, safety goggles, full 9oz.CO2 tank, & 500 paintballs).

  • $66 + tax per player